Marilyn on the Issues

Property Tax Relief

Property Taxes are crushing many homeowners.  The future of Nebraska is at risk as homeowners deal with high taxes while they struggle to put food on the table and gas in the car.  With inflation increasing, the State of Nebraska has an obligation to PROMOTE policies that will keep young families from moving out of the state and to keep businesses from leaving.  As a small business owner, I understand the hard work that it takes to keep your head above water. I will fight for lower property taxes for homeowners and small businesses.

Full Funding for Police

There are those extremists who want to de-fund our police as a knee-jerk reaction to instances of police abuse.  These cases are horrific, but they are very isolated and do NOT indicate systemic racism in our society. The huge majority of police officers are honest, decent folks who often risk their lives to serve our communities.  

And we are particularly at risk when safety in the streets is threatened.  Neither homes or businesses can be safe when crime is not checked.  I fully support the police and sheriffs as they protect each one of us.

“Back to Basics” Education

Nebraska children need to be PREPARED for future employment, whether it is in the professions or trades. With the educational system working for radical social change, many of Nebraska’s children have fallen behind in core subjects, such as reading and math.  Reading and math are foundational to future employment and parents want their children in schools that focus on the basics.                                                                                                           

Let me be blunt.  There are those who would use our schools to indoctrinate our kids.  And not in ways that most Nebraskans would agree with.  There are those who would teach a distorted history and preach politicized sex education to children who are way too young to be exposed to any sex education, let alone some of the extreme notions that are prevalent today.